Keeping a Roof Over Our Veterans’ Heads.


Thoroughbred Construction Group has been fortunate enough to be able to give back to our community. We choose to give back to our local veterans to provide the smallest token of appreciation and lend a helping hand since they signed up to sacrifice so much for this country.

This country’s service men and women sometimes have to leave their families and friends and lay their life on the line so that we can continue to live the lives we live in the greatest country in the world due to their sacrifices. This is a small charity in comparison to such a huge sacrifice. We always want to say Thank You to our Veterans, and God Bless you for your sacrifices.

2 veterans have requested help so far this year.

If you are a Veteran and are in need of a new roof, please feel free to sign up and get on our list to be chosen for a 100% free new roof for your home.

Throughout the year we will make a random nomination to a Veteran in need and make a little stress in your lives go away and take away that old troubled roof.

If you have any questions or troubles in filling out our form please feel free to call us at 740-442-7253 and we will gladly assist.

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